How To Move On After A Rejection!

How To Move On After A Rejection!

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How To Move On After A Rejection!

How To Move On After A Rejection!

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I hate rejections!!! (And I must say, I've had a taste of it in my short stay on earth) .  But my question is how do you handle them? Do you brush it off and move on?   Cry like a baby, and become inconsolable?  You become a jerk and stalk the person up and down?  Or just walk away besides as soon as you turn around you will see a cuter person . Rejection is an experience one faces at one time or the other and so most people have experienced one form of rejection or another and I must say the aftermath is quite devastating.   I remember the first time I got rejected , it was a harrowing experience for me, I met this guy online and i thought he was the one for me, we hit it off right away and we couldn't get enough of each other (chatting of cause!) and when i wasn't online he'd buzz me to come online so we could chat. 

And in the evenings when I got home he’d call and we’ll talk for about an hour, we always had something to say to each other ,We also went out a couple of times and it was fun. Alas we found out I was older than him and he couldn’t take it and so we broke up. I was gutted & sobbed a lot, but I eventually got over it!! (But I must hand it to him ,he did it in the nicest way!)Lol  So what do you do when faced with rejection from your friends, lover, partner or family?  Most people have their own way of facing it, while some people lose it totally and become obsessed . 


Pick Yourself Up And Move On

Best way to deal with rejection is to pick yourself up (no matter how hard or how much of a 'fake recovery' it is), and keep moving. Be respectful of the other person's decision. Do not pester the person continuously; sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. But if you have any modicum of respect for yourself, you’ll let them be and move on.

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Do Not Stalk This Person

 They'll need to see less of you for some time, do not stalk the person, so true, some people do not know how to handle their emotions, not everyone will be attracted to you and you will not be attracted to everyone, and sometimes rejection is just not about looks, with a clear mind u can learn from it and move on .

You Need Your Friends around the More

Call up your friends and go out,(I assume you had a social life before the breakup) do things you’ve always wanted to-do but just couldn’t get around to it because you were together with your ex.

Let Them Go!

Easier said than done, but it’s true, if it was meant to be they’ll come back and if not it means you are not meant to be!!! Life goes on, no hard feelings hopefully you would have met someone else who will take their place and you learn to love again.

And if you really feel like returning the pain, be sure to let them SEE when you've got someone else. They'll always get to ask themselves questions like "Did I make the right decision?" 

I’d like to hear your opinions too. Just click on COMMENTS below to share your experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly – all are welcome!

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