Proofreading: Dos s for the finishing touch seminar
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Proofreading: Dos s for the finishing touch seminar

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Proofreading: Dos s for the finishing touch

Finally, proofread properly: Proofreading scientific papers is one of the most tedious tasks waiting for you toward the end. We'll help you save time and proofread more effectively with our nine Dos, and warn you about classic mistakes that could hold you back in our six Don'ts.

Effective proofreading: Follow these Dos

Proofreading takes not only concentration, but also technique. We have some important tips on what to consider when proofreading and how to do it with in the shortest possible time. In the Don'ts, you'll learn what popular mistakes are and what you should avoid at all costs.

Read backwards to spot typos

It seems trivial, but if you read your academic work backwards, you will spot typos surprisingly well. These small errors are otherwise overlooked even several times, because our eyes adjust the words so that they seem right and make sense to us. Maybe you even know, when you can read words anyway, although their letters are not in the right place. The same thing happens when skimming longer texts, when reading a sentence you don't pay as much attention to the spelling of the individual words in it.

Find multiple spaces with the search function

It happens again and again without us noticing it: double or even triple spaces. They can be easily overlooked by a, but for trained proofreaders they are a thorn in the eye. Not only do they look unsightly, but they can also be indicators to your proofreader that you have not proofread your work thoroughly. There is a very simple trick to correct the blanks.

Simply use the search function and hold down the "Ctrl" and "F" keys simultaneously. You will see either a small search box or, if you are using Word, a navigation box on the left side. There you can enter a space in the search bar twice in a row and then press "Enter". Even if you can't see the spaces in your search entry, this function will pick out all existing double spaces from your text, so you can fix the error.

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